A display issue ? Grids appearing in front of the landscape

Posted by François Byasson on 2019-09-17 at 08:09

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      François Byasson


      I first would like to congratulate the conceptors of this magnificient online version of Stellarium.

      I noticed a little display issue about the equatorial and azimutal grids :
      For a better understanding of the angular tracking of celestial objects, I think the lower part of those grids, underneath the horizon, should be hidden by the landscape (maybe juste partially, using thin dotted lines), just like in the classic version of Stellarium.
      I don’t know whether this setting could be easily modified.

      Thank you for your attention,


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      Fabien Chéreau


      thanks for the compliments!
      We take note of this and will try to change this soon!


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