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Posted by  Xenia Loi on 2019-08-01 at 14:01

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    Xenia Loi

    Hi there 🙂
    Thank you for your amazing app.
    I purchased the Pro version for my iPhone XS Max and wanted to ask if its possible to add there more satellites (SpaceX for example)?

    And how many satellites are shown? All that are visible for the naked eye or the „complete package“? 🙂

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    Xenia Loi

    (I meant Plus for sure, not Pro 😉 )

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    currently we only display the naked eye visible satellites, but we are thinking of adding much more. We just need to be acreful to avoir crowding the display (it’s already enough that it’s becoming in a nuisance in the real sky 😉 !)


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    Xenia Loi

    Thanks for your quick reply 🙂
    Ive got another question..why are some other satellites visible in other apps like Sky Guide, but not in Stellarium, which should be also naked eye visible? 🙂
    Are the databases anyhow incomplete?

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    Hi Xenia,

    there was a bug until today’s release which caused visible satellites to have 1 minute 20 seconds orbits offsets, so that may be the reason. Try again using last update 1.2.6 and this issue was fixed.
    You can search satellites by name to check if it’s missing.


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    Mark Herus

    I just upgraded to the plus version on android.
    I see that the plus version doesn’t have any different colours eg DSo’s and in quick tab seems to have fewer options than the standard option, eg no satellite option. Is this correct? Or is there somewhere to change this in the settings?

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    Hi Mark,

    a new update (v1.2.7) coming in the next few hours brings a couple of new features, including much improved satellites features. We now simulate more than 600 satellites with a much better precision, and we added a new Satellite Hints control in the advanced settings tabs, to control the amount of hints/labels.


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    Mark Herus

    That’s brilliant news! Keep up the good work with a fantastic app!

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