Compass calibration Stellarium Mobile Plus

Posted by Tim Bray on 2020-01-11 at 19:31

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      Tim Bray

      Love the app.
      Are there any pointers to solve the compass calibration stalling on 0%?
      Have tried:
      1. Google maps calibration which completed in 10 sec
      2. Rotating g phone (galaxy s9) in a figure u for over 45 sec)
      3. Searching other forums for ideas and nothing seems to work.
      In addition screen seems to freeze when rotating often.
      Many thanks.

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      Fabien Chéreau

      Hi Tim,

      thanks for the email, unfortunately, I can’t find of any good reason for this issue, after all the tests you reported already 🙁
      If you skip the calibration and use the sensors mode, does it work?


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      Gavin Cox

      I too seem to be struggling with getting past the 0% compass calibration (Galaxy S8+). I’ll be watching to see if there are any further updates to this thread. Hitting the ignore option the app does seem to work ok for me.

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      Tim Bray

      Hi Faboen,
      Yes it does work without calibration but then screen often freezes then the calibration popup appears.
      After this I have to press ignore then poi t the phone straight up to unfreeze.

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      Fabien Chéreau


      thanks for the details. I don’t really understand what the root cause of this issue is but it may be related to compass driver (or hardware issue), but in any case, we can make a workaround: in the next release the ‘Skip’ choice will be remembered until next global settings reset. You will only need to skip once and then it should stop bugging you 🙂

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