Polar Alignment

Posted by  Steven Barnes on 2019-04-20 at 01:19

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    Steven Barnes

    How about adding Polar Scope view for polar alignment?

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    Fabien Chéreau

    Hi Steven,

    it would be quite nice indeed, and I just added it to our TODO list. It’s also quite some work to do it right (especially in term of GUI), so I won’t promise that this comes in the next weeks – probably will take a few months because other features are more important (proper telescope control, eyepiece settings etc..)



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    Garry Hoy

    Hi Fabien , I’m clearly not a programmer but this is what I do, if it helps any one, it even seems simple to programme a corner image or Auto send to desktop?
    I screen shot Stellarium Octans for Southern Hem, then open from desktop in a simple paint or preview. .. Flip horizontal then Flip Vertical and in 10 seconds I have stellariums image as if through the polar scope reticle..
    the most beautiful program I use with my mount and scope

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    Fabien Chéreau

    Thanks for the tip. Actually in the last version of Stellarium Mobile PLUS, there are options to mirror the display vertically and horizontally, and to add an eyepiece circle. Not quite a polar scope yet, but it’s getting closer.

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