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Posted by Khalif Foster on 2019-06-24 at 00:50

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      Khalif Foster

      Can add manually grid, so you can draw a line, a line from a center point of anything, as it goes up horizontal, then vertical to next center point of anything,so can make it auto and manually that is you click two objects, so the two lines will pop up so it will be even or odd 90 degree. So, it is good for measure and can add division of two, so it shows a ratio off or on. Wider horizontal off by narrow vertical to equal a ratio. So, can show ratio for a certain time of a year. Can use to add info. So, manually you put a line, and auto, you click two objects and where you want to click north of one object, east of one object, or in the balance of two objects and you click it, it will show 90 degree that is auto. I saw the statement that says a star is 1.5 off the moon, how do that work? So, each person can confirm the info as accurate. So, it is not just looking, but it also measures the gap size and ratio size, etc. Any of measure on web-stellar like Tycho did measure. He had a device to measure to get the answer, so can add so there is a digital device so will show line and show 90 degrees of any kind. Can add series of 90 series, so other objects you can click and at the same time you see the whole thing so can see how it moves, so if it moves close, the group degree change.

      So, can measure for every month, day, every 3 months or so, did the degree change, from odd group degree to more odd group degree? So, can use to see the original that is day one which it is 90 degree of two objects, so day 45, that is a month and 15 days later, so the degree change so it increases additional degree by a division of two degrees. Two even horizontal and vertical is even so it will be 1 90 degree that is a right angle. So, as horizontal widens but vertical stay the same or narrows or so, the point both horizontal and vertical do change so can see how much different of a change from day 1 to day 45. So, it is not an extra degree, but division of 90 degree, which 90 degree represent 1, the principle, so if it is 91, so it adds to 1 degree, that additional is a division of horizontal or vertical, but not combine of both that is even ratio, or new 90 degrees can get bigger, so can measure the point of edge of horizontal and vertical so to see how much width it changes. The whole point is how much to add from one to another so to see the gap diameter of number which depend by a division of two objects at two edges, so to see how much to add in middle. So, double of right angle, so it increases in size, both of them in even way, and gap diameter in even way. So, it is bigger 90 degree. The bigger right angle. Or even 90 degree. Odd 90 degree is the off the point of whole, or perfect, etc. So, how much off of the whole?

      And another problem can lock the grid, so I can move easy to west, and go north to south, without making it fish-len shape, so can lock so it stays straight, and can move up and down, left or right.

      One thing I notice in ‘Calendar of events’, so within the storage is a moon passes 1.5 degrees of Aldebaran, so how do 1.5 degrees work? Can explain how to get a degree and to calculate? So, the moon is dark, can make it so it is light, so no moon is dark because we can see the moon at any time in a month. Well, perhaps it is dark because of viewing thru camera that makes it full dark which less light go thru, than more light goes to your eye. So, can make it light, not dark, or curve light as a new moon, not fully dark. I saw the image of a new moon that it has a curve of light. It is there really full dark moon in the real world that you can see? So, in ‘Calendar of Events’, can add even ratio and odds ratio, which under even rato, is how many times or divide, 1, 2, etc. For odd ratio, for how many times based on either one that is horizontal and vertical, but both horizontal and vertical is not the same, so it is an odd 90 degree. Can add how many times that is horizontal, 1, 2, etc, same with vertical. The gap ratio of horizontal and vertical, does it change or it is constant. Anything that is same can list under group order of one, to next group order of two, and so on. The more details and the more understanding of how it works. Can make it so can find the pattern of parallel, for example, any objects with 90 degrees for that moment of time, so one pair of object that is even ratio so you click another even ratio, it will show another even ratio of different pair of objects, so how far is between two pairs of 90 degree? Can be also to click one kind to another kind, so can see how much different of two ratio for two pair of objects, and the gap distance between them, and the arc between them as the center point of two objects is a radius, then times two, so it creates a diameter so it becomes an arc for two objects. How much the arc is between two pairs or pair of an object? Can add the category for the middle of two objects is how much to add, times 2 or so. For two edge of two objects, how much it substract or divide. So, all things can be auto like a calculator is auto, but you manually put a number, so it adds or whatever fast as possible to get an answer. Same as Tycho, but better than Tycho because we have a helper that is digital that do the auto for us base what we create so the result is accurate less than human’s vision that is 250 um, or so, very accurate that is within a lowest micro level.

      Do you update new stars to stellarium?

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      i want a new model atmosphere on stellarium web and stellarium mobile plus

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