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Posted by  Dave Dooling on 2019-07-28 at 20:15

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    Dave Dooling

    How can I get the Text User Interface using a Bluetooth keypad? I am running Stellarium Plus through my iPad and a Digitarium projector. It works well, but I know there are other features that can be accessed through the TUI. Thanks!

    Dave Dooling
    High Rolls, NM

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    Fabien Chéreau

    Hi Dave,

    Stellarium PLUS currently doesn’t have a TUI and was never meant to be used with a planetarium projector – the projection itself is probably incorrect, as it’s not fisheyes but stereographics.

    I take note that more and more users will need a proper Mouse/keyboard control, so we may add this feature at some point.


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    Dave Dooling

    It worked quite well in our little dome. Yes, the horizon was a bit higher than with Night Shade, but not really distorted. Please add the TUI. Thanks!

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