Super Blood Moon - May 26, 2021

Lunar Eclipse

Heads up! A Total Lunar Eclipse is about to happen! It will be visible this coming May 26, 2021! A Total Lunar Eclipse is also referred to as a Blood Moon because it results in a blood red colored moon.

This phenomenon happens when the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon. The Earth casts a shadow that can be observed by looking at the Moon.

Lunar Eclipse

This signifies the beginning of the eclipse and is called the penumbral phase. This coming May 26, the penumbral phase begins at 08:47:39 UTC time.

After this phase, the light from the Sun passes through Earth’s atmosphere and will undergo a process called Rayleigh Scattering.

This separates the sunlight to different spectrums. Once scattered, the red color in the spectrum is reflected to the moon, resulting in the famous blood red colored Moon.

What’s even more exciting is this eclipse is also a Super Moon! A Super Moon happens when the orbit of the Moon is on its perigee. This means that it will be on its closest distance from Earth. This results in a slightly bigger appearance of the Moon compared to usual.

This Super Blood Moon can be observed even by the naked eye. Stellarium offers tools that can help you navigate in the night sky and observe the Lunar Eclipse.

Check out if the eclipse will be totally or partially visible in your area through the list below!

  • most of North America
  • South America
  • South Asia
  • Southeast Asia
  • East Asia
  • Australia
  • Pacific Ocean
  • Atlantic Ocean
  • Indian Ocean
  • Antarctica

Is your area not in the list? Don’t worry! You can still observe the ominous looking Super Blood Moon wherever you are in the world using Stellarium!

Lunar Eclipse

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For our advanced users, telescope control might be a great tool that will help you in observing, and imaging the Super Blood Moon. Click here to learn more.

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