Stellarium Mobile Plus App - Next Generation Astronomy Star Map

Stellarium Mobile Plus App

Stellarium Mobile Plus is the next generation astronomy star map app. It combines a realistic and accurate night sky simulation with a gigantic amount of online imaging and sky objects catalogs.

Stellarium Mobile Plus App for phones and tablets

This award-winning astronomy application is available
on Android and iOS featuring:

  • All known stars: Gaia DR2 catalog of over 1.4 Billion stars
  • All known deep sky objects: a combined catalog of over 3 millions nebulae and galaxies
  • All known planets and their natural satellites, including very high multi-resolution imaging for the major ones
  • All known comets
  • Many minor solar system objects (10k asteroids)
  • Most visible artificial earth satellites (including the International Space Station)
  • A full-sky very high multi-resolution background image

Stellarium Mobile Plus In The Media:

Stellarium Mobile Plus App

Stellarium shows the most realistic night sky at any time

Stellarium Mobile Plus App

Switch to 'Night Vision' mode for great outdoor stargazing.

Stellarium Mobile Plus App

Zoom in on planets, moons, galaxies and nebulas.

Stellarium Mobile Plus App

Spot planets. See satellites pass overhead.

Stellarium Mobile Plus App

 Access detailed images of the entire sky.

For experienced astronomers: includes a telescope control module. Drive any telescope through an application compatible with the Stellarium Telescope Server protocol.

The app works perfectly without internet connection, but with a reduced
data set (2.5 M stars, 2.9 M DSOs, 10k asteroids).

What users of our App have to say:

Pete Ingram

Fantastic app. It is like having Windows Stellarium on my phone. I love the Augmented Reality function using the camera and, have to also say that the support is fantastic. It controls my telescope, does GoTos just fine unlike some so called premium products for astronomy that I shall not name here. I am really impressed that the high quality images of astronomical bodies have made it across from the PC version too. An excellent app.

Josh Raad

If you look online for best app about astronomy this app is probably not only on the list but listed first. If you are interested in astronomy then going pro is something you should really consider. The developer is amazing, the app has won awards and by looking at the different free apps you can see no other app comes close in design, usability, content , features. If you can afford the pro then it's a no brainer. It's the best in terms of features and ease of use.

Rob Roberts

Amazing App! I initially had an issue with the app not calibrating properly and I contacted the developer. Fabien quickly returned my email and had me reboot my phone and recalibrate and the problem was solved! I use the app to locate objects for astrophotography and it is a necessity! Love the detailed photos of the deep space objects, the actual live tracking of satellites, the seemingly infinite database of information on almost every object in the night sky imaginable, etc, etc... I have used a multitude of different astronomy apps and nothing comes close to Stellarium. Highly recommend. Get it now!!!

Available for Android & iOS devices:

  • Show the sky at any time and place
  • Sensor control to identify a star in just a few seconds, just by pointing the phone at the sky!
  • Asterisms and illustrations of the constellations for dozen of sky cultures
  • Realistic landscape and atmosphere with sunrise & sunset
  • Accurate simulation of atmosphere refraction
  • Night mode (red)
  • Telescope Control
  • 1.6 G Stars (All known stars)
  • 10k Asteroids & Comets
  • 2.0 M DSO 160 (Most known DSOs)
  • Full Solar System (All known planets and satellites)
  • Full Sky Images (DSS)
  • Artificial Satellites
  • High Res Planets
  • Moon Shadows